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February 06 2018



marvel where’s my ten minute video of thor teaching earth etiquette to the asgardians???

“this is a dog”

[a bunch of hands fly up]

“you cannot ride it, it is too small”

[all hands go down]


All my ladies who impulse buy to feel alive, make some noise!!!!

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My daughter’s slap bracelet is a repurposed tape measure


my neck, my back

they hurt, they are Sore



via Joseph A. Howley on Twitter: “Dystopia is here, and increasingly more evenly distributed”

What the fuck

nsfw post 18+ only




im 16 so i cant even see this post let alone make it so this will have to wait two years

im 17 now only one year left til i make this post guys

i’m 18!





If you wore a vr headset linked to a camera drone that was set to follow you from a few feet behind you could live in third person.


If you can’t dissociate naturally store bought is fine


staples canada I am y e l l i n g


David Harbour in Tide’s ad for Super Bowl LII.



Steve Rogers never got a chance to talk about his trauma and heal, man. He woke up from that freezer nap and immediately got sent to war and jumped at the chance so he didn’t have to Deal because who would want to think about losing their entire world, everything they’ve ever known in the blink of an eye? He looked out at the new world, thought ‘man this sucks’, and didn’t look back, just kept jumping from war to war to war until he was facing down his own friends. Steve Rogers went off to war in his early twenties and didn’t come back and I think about that a lot.

Adding on to this—it’s really sad. He woke up and the world needed Captain America but they didn’t think about Steve Rogers. They needed the uniform and they overlooked the man who wore it. They needed the war hero and his strength but they forgot about the kid from Brooklyn and his heart. They forgot that he’s a person and he needed to grieve and now it’s too late.


If the person in possession of my voodoo doll would PLEASE hug it







if i were a zookeeper my intrusive thoughts would be wild

brain: slap that penguin. right across his little blubbery tummy. it’ll jiggle.

me: no??? that’s mean???

brain: polar bear, then

me: no

brain: the lions just got fed raw meat

me: yes?

brain: steal it and eat it in front of them


rowan i want you to know that this is the best possible reply i could have received

I work with animals and this is true for me. No, I cannot eat sea stars out the touch tank no matter HOW good you think the cronch will be, brain. 

sometimes you wonder what was going through the head of the first human to eat something really weird and then you see this post and stop wondering



Being a millennial is getting buyer’s remorse over a $3.83 pack of oreos.

This is genuinely hilarious but fuckin terrible

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Yes. These bastards (and actually the whole Sheikah design) is based on the japanese Jomon pottery.

you….. you understand the implications of this, right?

the pottery is finally revolting against Link after all these years

And not just any pottery. The oldest piece of Jomon pottery is somewhere around 16,500 years old, making it the earliest example of pottery in Japan and one of the earliest in the entire world.

Link has smashed so many vases that the Elder Pots themselves are coming to kill him.

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my dad noticed i was stressed so he 3d printed me a little wooden elephant

this is Good

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